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Sailing Southwest organises the SSW Winter Series which has been running for 5 years.  This series, comprising of 10 pursuit style races around the region provides opportunities for sailors to get out on the water in the winter season when many clubs are closed.



SSW was founded to support and develop local sailing within our region, and get more people get excited about our fantastic sport. 

Our GPS boat tracking software, TracAce was born out of this purpose, offering a fantastic technology that has never been truly accessible to the grassroots sailor.  TracAce makes GPS tracking affordable for everyone!


We also continue to offer a completely free service to sailing clubs throughout the Westcountry, promoting their events, activities and successes through our website, newsletter and social media pages.

Look out for our SSW Winter Series, which runs from October to March each season, providing opportunities for affordable winter sailing for everyone (even non-westcountry folk!) throughout the colder months.

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Our new GPS Boat Tracking Software lets you follow the action live from the shore or look back at your route, statistics and performances

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SSW Winter Series

The SSW Winter Series is made up of 10 pursuit races hosted by sailing clubs across the region from Penzance to Porthpean! Take part or learn more about the series here.

News & Events

We love to keep you up to date with news and events that are happening around the region.  Check our list of open events for 2019, send us your race reports and keep in touch via our email newsletter.


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