Brixham Yacht Club
7th-9th June 

Welcome to the Blaze National Championships 2019 webpage.  This year's championships will take place at Brixham Yacht Club, Devon.  The event will also feature GPS tracking, provided by Sailing Southwest.

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Entries for the Blaze National Championships 2019

Only fully paid entries will appear in this table.  Please allow a working day for processing of entries.

Entry Form for the Blaze National Championships 2019

Please complete this form and submit it to make your entry into the Championships. Your entry will not be confirmed until your payment has been completed.  All payments must be made by online bank transfer (see information here).  If this is not possible, please contact us.

Boat Class

Current Blaze Class Association Member?

Declaration (over 18's only)

I agree to be bound by the Racing Rules of Sailing and all other rules that govern this event. In particular I confirm that I have read the Notice of Race1 and accept its provisions and agree that my boat will conform to the requirements set out in the Notice of Race throughout the event.

I agree to abide by this declaration

Declaration (under 18's only)

Under Law, this helm is my dependent and I accept the risk statements of the Notice of Race and agree to the statements contained within it. I confirm that my dependent is competent to take part and I am responsible for my dependent throughout the event. During the time my dependent is afloat I will be available in the local of NDYC or I will inform the Race Office in writing who is acting in loco parentis in my absence.

I agree to abide by this declaration

I understand that GPS Tracking will be used at this event and I agree to Sailing Southwest's Data Protection Policy.

I would like to receive email updates from Sailing Southwest, including results, reports and photos from the Blaze National Championships 2019

I carry 3rd party insurance to the minimum value of £3M for my craft.

Entry Fees & Important Information

Sailing Southwest will be taking and administering entries and entry fees for the Blaze National Championships 2019.  GPS tracking will also be used for the championships and provided by Sailing Southwest.

All boats must birth at Brixham YC.

Phones may be used as compasses (Proposed SI13)

Early Bird entry fee for the Blaze National Championships 2019 is £30.00.  This offer ends at 9pm on the 30th April.

After 9pm on the 30th April, the entry fee changes to £50.00 until 9pm on the 30th May.  After this the entry fee rises to £70.00.

If you are not a current member of the Blaze Class Association, you will need to purchase a membership for the additional cost of £20.00.  This can be paid as part of your entry (information for how to do this appears after you've submitted your entry form), or to the Blaze Class Association up to 2 hours before the start of the 1st race.

Please complete and submit an entry form before you make any payments.  All online bank transfers must include your Surname as a reference.  Please contact us if you are unable to make an online bank transfer as payment for your entry.