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Sailing is a great sport, and in our opinion, there is nowhere better than the SW to give it a go.  The sport is accessible to everyone, all you need is a buoyancy aid (lifejacket) and the enthusiasm to get out on the water.


Most clubs have club boats available to their members and dedicated coaching sessions for juniors (often known as cadets) and adults to get you on your way. Of course you can always get in touch with us too for some free, friendly advice about getting involved.

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Icons are placed on the map in the approximate location of the corresponding club but are not necessarily completely accurate.  We endeavour to ensure all information about each club is correct and up to date, but we recommend you contact a club directly for the most current information, particularly regarding membership prices.  Prices and information on our website does not necessarily reflect the actual cost associated with a club and we are not responsible for any discrepancies in price or other information. If you do spot a mistake, please contact us using the link above so we can correct it.


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Torquay & Dartmouth

List of Southwest Sailing Clubs