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Jon, Lottie & Fiona started SSW to help grow sailing within the region and help more people get excited about our sport. 


Staying true to our roots, we continue to offer a completely free service to sailing clubs throughout the Westcountry, promoting their events, activities and successes through our website, newsletter and social media pages.


We also run the SSW Winter Series to make winter sailing fun, safe and accessible to everyone (even non-westcountry folk!) throughout the colder months.

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Making Sailing Safer, Smarter and More Enjoyable!

TracAce is available as a complete system for event hire or you can purchase individual or group software licences for you and your family to enjoy!

What's it all about?

Early on in our development of SSW as a business, we realised there need for affordable GPS tracking within grassroots sailing.  The technology exists within the sport of course, we've all watched the amazing graphics in the Olympics for example, but it is rare for a club event or even individual sailors to use such a system.


The benefits of GPS trackers on sailing boats are huge, and our tagline of Safer, Smarter and more Enjoyable Sailing hopefully summarises these benefits.  There is little doubt therefore about the want and need for this technology throughout the sport, but of course it all comes down to money - something we know the average sailing club and sailor don't want to be splashing around!

In a nutshell, we created TracAce so YOU can access this technology!  


We have invested our efforts into developing our TracAce software from scratch, which frees us up from all the additional costs and fees many other GPS tracking suppliers are tied to by their suppliers.  Add to that our passion for sailing, and our drive to make our sport as safe, fun and accessible as possible, and we hope you'll agree we're onto a good thing!

​What Can TracAce do for You?

  • Live Tracking and Full Replays

  • Complete Race / Cruise Administration

  • Customisable Display

  • Safety Monitoring and a Device Panic Button

  • Live Statistics and Positioning

  • Handicap Corrections 

  • Results Checking and Reporting

  • Clubhouse / Bar Big Screen Displays

  • Network with Other TracAce Sailors 

TracAce is affordable with licences available from as little as £4 per month




Sailing Southwest

We have provided our GPS boat tracking services to several major events, including the 2018 GP14 World Championships, 2018 Blaze National Championships, 2018 Osprey RIWR, as well as numerous Club Opens and Regattas.

SSW's Tracker Station at the 2018 Gul GP14 World Championships, which took place under the shadow of the iconic St Michael's Mount.  We used 120 GPS trackers throughout the week long event.

In December 2017, SSW first introduced TracAce, our new GPS boat tracking technology that we designed and built specifically for sailing. In the space of 8 months since its launch, TracAce had been used for multiple events, including a National and World Championships.

Here are a couple of case studies from past events:

Our First Event: Pursuit Race - Paignton SC's Christmas Cracker 2017

GPS trackers really come into their own in pursuit races, so we were thrilled to have the chance to launch the software at Paignton SC's Christmas Cracker Pursuit Race on the 3rd December 2017. 


It's no secret that many Race Officers dread pursuit races with their drawn out starts, boats lapping at different paces and the practically impossible task of finishing multiple competitors at an instant in time.  It was no surprise therefore that Paignton's OOD, James Ripley welcomed a little help from TracAce

James commented, "I am very safety conscious, especially at this time of year, and knowing that we could monitor the position of every boat remotely was very reassuring."


The OOD and spectators in the clubhouse watched the live action unfold as each boat got underway and began lapping through the field.  James explained that "TracAce allowed us to monitor the evolution of the race and track any boats that were retiring."

As this was the first time they'd used TracAce, James and his team decided to also collect their results as normal from the water.  Afterwards, we compared James' results to the output from TracAce which was generated almost immediately after the race finish.  James said, "I was very happy that both sets of results matched exactly." 


The 2017 Christmas Cracker replay is still available to view on TracAce, and the system will be used again at this year's Christmas Cracker Pursuit Race, which takes place at Paignton on the 2nd December 2018... perhaps we'll see you there too!  

World Championships - 2018 GP14 Worlds

Just 8 months after TracAce was launched, SSW was contracted to provide GPS tracking for the GP14 World Championships at Mount's Bay SC.  With 120 entries and 11 races scheduled over 6 days, this would undoubtably be the biggest test of TracAce to date.

Unfortunately storms washed out the first day's racing but 9 races were fitted into the remaining 5 days.  SSW set up a 'tracker station' in the boat park, where tracker boards with an individually labelled peg for each boat housed the 120 GPS trackers in their waterproof bags.  This made it easy for competitors to pick up and drop off their trackers as they left or arrived back in the dinghy park each day.

With so many competitors, we adapted TracAce specially for this event to allow for filtering by the three fleets; Gold, Silver and Bronze.  This feature allowed spectators to 'declutter' the screen in order to watch their preferred fleets battle it out.  

In a busy clubhouse of spectators, family and friends, TracAce was projected onto a big screen in the bar.  The display proved to be very popular and many commented on how fantastic the technology was for keeping an eye on the progress of the fleet.  This was especially true as most of the races took place out to sea, with views from the clubhouse and beach blocked by St. Michael's Mount!

All the races from the 2018 Gul GP14 World Championships are available to watch online via the TracAce website.

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