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Individual Software Licences

Sailing Southwest's TracAce™ has been specifically designed and built to enhance the safety and enjoyment of sailing for you and your family.


With TracAce™ Live you can accurately monitor the real-time position of your family when they're out on the water, or check in on the progress of a cruise or race as it unfolds.  You can also use TracAce™ Replay to watch back the action, analyse your tactics or just enjoy the ride!

TracAce™ has many features build just for sailors, such as live race notifications, boat filters and selection tools, personalised dashboards and an SOS panic button should you require assistance whilst on the water. 

Best of all, TracAce™ has been developed with the everyday sailor in mind, so it is affordable for everyone.  Take a look at our various licence options to find your ideal TracAce™ package.

TracAce™ Licences

We offer three different TracAce™ licences so there is something to suit every sailor.  With each licence you also have the option to purchase a specialist GL300 GPS tracker with a free quad band pay-as-you-go sim card with £25 off the retail price!!  Alternatively you can use your smart phone (with GPS) or another compatible GPS device.

TracAce Just Sail Licence

Just Sail includes TracAce™ Live as well as access to TracAce™ Replays through your own personalised dashboard.  You can view and share your sailing statistics on social media, and set up a SOS button for emergencies.  For a list of all the features included within this licence and others, take a look at the table below.

TracAce Plus Licence

This licence has all the features of Just Sail, but also includes the unique ability to connect and track with your friends!  You can set up group sails or races, and use TracAce™ Plus to gain amazing insights into the routes and tactics employed by your mates and other sailors.  You can also use live messaging, add photos or video to your TracAce™ Replays, or set up 'Geofences', which help you monitor the security of your boat, should it move from its mooring unexpectedly!

TracAce Club Licence

TracAce™ Club gives you access to the premium race features of TracAce™.  With this licence you can set up races, events or entire series', invite competitors and lay marks and start/finish lines.  You can run your races with complete control, using the unique TracAce™ lap counter and live positioning tables, and extract handicap corrected standings, and amazing statistics such as peak speeds, distances and average speeds across an entire fleet.  


TracAce Event Hire

TracAce™ offers so many features to improve the safety, enjoyment and spectator engagement within sailing and particularly racing, making it a perfect edition to any open event, club regatta or championships.  With TracAce™, you can monitor the location of all competitors in real time, all on one screen.  The unique lap counting feature and handicap corrected leaderboard will keep race managers and spectators informed of competitor positions throughout the race, and the boat selector tool enables users to pick out specific boats, classes, fleets or club representatives to follow through a race.  

Spectators and competitors can also download the free TracAce™ Spectator App, that provides enhanced live racing and replays on your smart phone or tablet, and offers live notifications of the progress of selected competitors.  Really, you can't afford not to have TracAce™ at your event!

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