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Portishead Yacht & Sailing Club's Severn Bridge Race

Photo of sailing by Andy Dubreuil

Held on Saturday 3rd June, racing for the Chris Makins Trophy.

Severn Bridge Pursuit Race by Andy Dubreuil

Twelve boats entered the race which has a staggered start every 10mins, to allow boats of different speeds to get to the turning mark at high tide, this year we turned at the yellow and black Lower Shoots beacon, just in-front of the Second Severn crossing, a distance of over 7 miles from the club.

The first boats started in a nice force 3 - 4, they were the 420, Wanderer and a GP14, followed by a Wayfarer, a Redwing and another 420. the last start saw a contender 2 fireballs an Osprey and a 29xx set off, unfortunately the Alto suffered a jib halyard failure just at the start and retired, also one of the Fireballs hit debris in the water and was forced to retire with a broken rudder.

The wind was now beginning to pick up to about 25mph and the trapeze boats were enjoying the conditions, but the Wander and GP14 both had bad capsizes and were forced to retire. this left just 8 boats in the race.

Colin Wilson presents trophy to Nick Noble (left), winner of the Severn Bridge Pursuit Race

It was a long beat back from the bridge, with big waves to battle against and some very tired sailors came home with their own stories of the sail, such as surfing or nose diving or just battling against the relentless Bristol Channel chop.

The results on corrected time showed Nick Noble in his Contender just beating Barry Smith and Jo Line in their Fireball, by just 13 seconds.

Photo: Colin Wilson presents trophy to Nick Noble (left), winner of the Severn Bridge Pursuit Race

The results were

Severn Bridge Pursuit Race Results

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