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2017 Supernova National Championships

Supernovas by Rosey Davies

Well what an event the 2017 Allen Hartley Boats Plymouth 2017 Nationals has been. From 27knots of base wind speed on Friday gusting up to 35 knots, spitting rain and cloudy with just about everyone going swimming at some point. Followed by a breezy Saturday morning of 17knots reducing throughout the day, but very sunny and a few lobster faces throughout the fleet. Lobster award for 2017 has to go to Tim Hand - great effort!

The results overnight Saturday were very tight through the fleet, only 8 points separated the top 4 without any discards yet to be applied. Owing to Cliff working outa large easterly shift, It was Cliff Milliner followed by Alex Horlock both tied on 16 points, (Alex leapfrogging giant brother Iain from Friday), then Iain and Mark Hartley.

I think its also worth pointing out that throughout the fleet the are tough races taking place and its just as competitive towards the rear of the fleet as it is at the sharp end. I have personal experience of this from my poor tactics on the tricky shifty beats we have had within the Plymouth Sound. This is a good barometer of how the Supernova class has not only grown in size but has really stepped up a gear in terms of boat speed and handling thoughout the fleet. There is a good race to be had what ever your experience or if you are racing a mark 1 or mark 2 boat. There are some extremely fast mark 1 sailers out there!

Sunday looked very light first thing with a questionable forecast, however by 11am and just in time for the first race a sea breeze had developed in the nick of time. A healthy 10 knots breeze to get everyones aching body hiking again. Due to the champagne sailing conditions the decision to sail out side the breakwater was made much to the excitement of the fleet.

After the final three races were complete (and a quick recount) it was Alex Horlock that came out victorious winning the event. Iain a close second then Mark Hartley third, Cliff Millinor fourth and Gavin Young fifth and Mike Gibson.

Thanks to Allen and Hartley Boats for your sponsorship and Sailpics for taking some great pictures like the attached from Saturday.

Silver : 1 will willet, 2 Adrian white, 3 Ray workman

Mark 1 : 1 will willet, 2 jonny Everett, 3 Charlie Sansom

Masters : 1 Mike Gibson, 2 Andy flitcroft, 3 Mike critchley

Veterans: 1 Adrian white, 2 Tom chadfield, 3 Paul Moreton

Ladies : 1 Serena Stewardson 2 Ellen clancy

Youth : 1 Peter mackin 2 Micheal platt

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