Goodacre Cup & Buzz Traveller Race Report

Sadly the glorious bank holiday weekend weather was not suited to going sailing, and the locals and those who had endure long journeys to arrive at Roadford had a very frustrating 3 days. On Saturday, the wind filled in just as the OOD was considering abandonment for the day, and after a difficult weight with the wind swinging around, club officer Alex Hutchings got the fleets away for nearly an hour’s good race. The wind was dying as the race finished and unfortunately it was the end of the day for the rescue boats. This proved to be the only race possible as Sunday and Monday were equally glassy with little zephyrs on various parts of the lake, but nothing at all consistent. The Buzz fleet took the opportunity to rebuild at least one boat! On Monday morning, the Centre Manager, Matt Lennox, kindly offered free use of the watersports’ equipment until midday when a decision on racing would be made. This was taken up enthusiastically for a pleasant hour’s paddle boarding.

At midday, the OOD, Richard Willows abandoned for the day, allowing an early pack up and departure with for those with long drives. Despite the weather, a lot of work had gone in to the event, with the watersports centre office arranging sponsorship from Gul and Ambrosia foods and a number of club members helped with the marks and the committee boat.


Buzz traveller: 1st Matthew and Alice Butler; 2nd Jane Noble and Mark Wilson; 3rd Roger and Penny Eyre

Goodacre results: 1st Bill and Sally Anderson, F/F; 2nd Chris Greenstead and Bob Baggot,F/F classic; 3rd Nick cross and Eddie Abbott, YW dayboat.

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