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A Brief History of RLSC

Roadford Lake Sailing Club is a small club set in the peaceful heart of Devon. The club came about shortly after the Reservoir was built in 1989. Initially RLSC had a huge membership made up of all members of the Lakes Trust. This changed however in 2008/9, when the club had to introduce fees. The membership became a select group of active racers who are all also members of the Trust. RLSC welcomes occasional holidaymakers and campers, who have the opportunity to sign up for a day’s sailing in the stunning setting of the Lake.

Roadford Lake Sailing Club

Roadford has a strong claim as the birthplace of CVDRA (Vintage dinghy racing association), which was set up by the current Commodore, Ed Bremner among others. There is an annual weekend meeting with some interesting classes attending, and pleasant low-key racing. 2019 sees the 25th anniversary with a big event over the August Bank holiday, so if anyone can get hold of a vintage boat, a great few days are in prospect!!

The Goodacre Cup is another highlight in the RLSC calendar. Held over the August Bank Holiday, the Cup comprises of 8 races over 3 days, in an average lap handicap format. Representatives come from all over the region turn up for the event, which, weather permitting, promises a fantastic long weekend of sailing.

For more information about RLSC and for membership enquiries, please visit

The Exe Sails Roadford Rocket

The Roadford Rocket was born in 2014 with the aim to bring about another major event in the RLSC calendar, which would complement the existing Starcross Steamer and Exmoor Beastie events. In 2015, the Rocket became a Pursuit race, a format that has worked well and produced some fantastic racing. Like all events in the SSW Winter Series, the Rocket is a tough winter race that certainly tests the steel of its participants. The 2017 event was a stark reminder of this, with particularly windy conditions challenging the entire fleet.

Richard Willows, the Rocket’s ‘inventor’ explained that he is keen for the event to be used to raise money for sailing charities. In 2018, the Rocket will once again be run in support of the Calvert Trust on Exmoor, which does a fantastic job supporting individuals and families with a variety of disabilities.

The 2018 Rocket is the 5th event in the 2017/18 SSW Winter Series. Online entries are open for the 2.5hr pursuit race, which will take place on the 28th January. Visit for more information.

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