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SSW's New Year Resolutions!

Following our facebook discussions over Christmas we are now planning our thoughts for the New Year as well as thinking about the 2018/9 SW winter series.

'A bit early!' I hear you say but we need to get plans in place and the clubs all aligned, so here it is – our wish list for 2018.

Our Key Objectives for Sailing Southwest:

A little under a year ago, we came up with the idea of doing something to enhance sailing in our region, by joining together the clubs and helping to promote the sport within our region, bringing sailing together!

We launched Sailing Southwest at the RYA Dinghy Show last year and received a huge amount of support and encouragement from the many visitors from the South West as well as a surprising number from wider afield.

So far we have launched our website and Facebook page as well monthly newsletters. The website now has been visited by over 4600 of you with many returning regularly. Posts on our Facebook page often receive 400-600 views so we are getting noticed.

Many of our readers will have heard of our new GPS boat tracking system. The software we have been working on is ready for a first full release later this month – watch Facebook for news. The trackers have been used on several of the SSW winter series events and have proven themselves useful to the race management, especially on pursuit races with their often hectic finishes.

So what do we plan for 2018…

Youth Sailing

We want to focus more strongly on Youth Sailing and will be looking to support events throughout the summer. We are happy to promote events through these pages and via web and Facebook but we need you to send us the information of what is happening at your club and let us know how to help.

Crews Union

We defiantly support the view that crews need the recognition for their efforts and will give them equal status to the helmsman where ever possible. In your reports please let us have crew names where ever relevant.

Summer programme in the region

We offer one of the best areas for championships in the country with world renowned venues. We offer support with our low cost trackers where possible, but also have access to RYA qualified Race Officials and can offer real practical help if you need it.


If it is just publicity you want, we will support summer events through our What’s On pages and give entry links are results pages. We need roving reporters to send us pictures and race reports when ever possible. We also want to publicise all the fantastic clubs and active sailing associations we have here in the Southwest. Have a look at our directory page, and send us your club/association information so we can tell people about it!

Summer ideas

We have received a number of ideas including a 'Round Edison Lighthouse' race, 'Round the Bay' at Paignton, and Long distance 'Outside the Breakwater' at Plymouth. There is a theme here!

Also we are looking at the Summer Regattas – what can be done to enhance visiting boats and dinghy racing here in the SW.

Looking to the Winter Series 2018/19

We are nearly half way through the 17/18 series and looking at plans for a grand prize giving at Torbay. Watch this space for details. The 2018/19 series should be a little bigger with perhaps more events and bigger fleets. We will be reviewing the events and inviting clubs to join the series for next winter soon.

Ideas to boost the series still further are welcome and if your club wants to take part do let us know.

London Dinghy Show

Join our first birthday party at the London Dinghy Show. Come see us at stand E18 (by the cafe!) on the 2nd-3rd March and maybe grab a slice of cake while you're there!

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