Three Rivers Race - Torpoint Mosquito SC, Sunday 22nd April 2018


This is a pursuit race, with the slowest boats starting first, taking place in the River Tamar, River Lynher and the vicinity of the River Tavy. The duration of the race will be exactly two hours from the time of the first start.


Starting times are calculated for particular race duration of two hours.

Class flag H at 1025 hours. The first class start will be at 10:30 hours.

See separate start sheet for subsequent classes

The start sequence will be “5, 4, 1, go” for the first start only. All following starts will be indicated by a single sound signal per start.


Unless otherwise advised on the day, the course will be:

Lynher buoy (red navigation buoy at entrance to River Lynher) to starboard.

Warren Point (green navigation buoy near entrance to River Tavy) to starboard.

St Johns 1 to starboard

Ferry to starboard

St Johns 1 to starboard

Ferry to starboard

St Johns 1 to starboard

Ferry to starboard

St Johns 1 to starboard

and so on until the Finishing Time.

Pass between Outer Distance Mark and the Club when sailing downriver and upriver.


The order of finishing will be determined by the positions of the boats on the race course at the prescribed time of finish of the race. The Race Officer will endeavour to arrange for a patrol boat to determine the positions of the leading boats at the time of finish of the race, and thereafter to proceed back though the fleet noting positions.

In order to facilitate the process, boats shall comply with the following: - In the ten minute period prior to the time of finish of the race, boats shall sail as closely as practicable to the lay-line to the next mark. - In case a patrol boat is not available to record positions, each competitor shall note the identities of the boat immediately ahead and astern at the prescribed time of finish, and on coming ashore shall pass this information to the Race Officer. - In the period immediately after the time of finish and until the finishing positions have been recorded, a boat shall not overtake another.

If the Race Officer cannot determine the winning boat with certainty from the information provided, he/she may declare the result to be a tie.

S. Roberts 22.04.2018

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