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TRACACE is Developing... New Tools, Toys and Features are coming your way!

It's hard to believe it, but Sailing Southwest launched the very first version of TRACACE in November 2017. In less than a year, we've produced a GPS boat tracking system that is worthy of tracking at the Blaze National Championships and just last month, the 2018 GP14 World Championship.

Throughout this time, we've worked with sailors, race officers and our software developers to upgrade and improve TRACACE to become a really helpful and fun tool for sailors, spectators and race management teams alike.

But the development doesn't stop there!

The more we use TRACACE, the more feedback we get and the more ideas we have to move the software forward. We want to make it better, faster and easier to use for everyone. So here's a little insight into what you can expect from TRACACE in the near future...

1. TRACACE LIVE - We are creating a whole new server to allow us to display real time action on TRACACE, which will include all the usual features and tools of the current TRACACE race replay system.

2. BETTER TOOLS & FEATURES - We've recently added a feature to allow race managers to set up and select individual fleets within a race. Next we want to make it even easier to select and follow a particular boat or group of boats around a course, with individualised data, statistics and live progress notifications too!

3. GROUP LICENCES - Although TRACACE is great for hiring out for individual events and races, we are turning our attention to designing a licence system to allow clubs / classes or groups of sailors to purchase a set of trackers and TRACACE licences, so they will be able to run their own races and events on TRACACE. (We'll be offering sponsorship packages for the first few takers on this so let us know now if you're interested!)

4. SMOOOOTHING & REWIND - Boats don't (tend to!) jump over the water, so nor should they on TRACACE! We plan to make the little jumps a thing of the past and give our viewers a smoother ride on TRACACE. We are going to introduce a rewind button to help you navigate through a race and pop back to review crucial points in the action.

5. JUST SAIL - We're creating a tool on TRACACE that will allow individual users to track a sail without the fuss of setting up a race course. This means anyone will be able to purchase a 'Just Sail' TRACACE licence, so you can monitor your kids, family or friends in real time whilst they're out on the water, or look back and share replays and statistics from each and every sail. This is going to be an awesome tool for coaching too!

6. SPECTATOR'S APP - We want to make racing more fun and engaging for those of you who get left on the beach, so we're in the process of developing a Spectator's App that you can download on your smart phone and get a closer view of the action. This will also feature the new filter and notifications system, allowing you to select competitors to follow, and receive live updates about their progress throughout a race.

7. HANDICAP CORRECTED LEADERBOARDS - Here's a fun addition for handicap races! We're going to create live leaderboards that correct for handicap to show you exactly who is 'really' in the lead! This is going to be a brilliant tool for regattas, yacht racing and club open events.

These are just some of our goals to achieve for TRACACE over the next 6-12 months, but we'd love to hear your thoughts on these developments or any other ideas you have...

What new developments would you like to see?

What do we need to improve in the current version of TRACACE?

Drop us an email with your comments ( or even better, fill out our TRACACE Feedback Questionnaire which takes 2mins. Just click here to go the the questionnaire...

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