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Starcross Steamer Postponed!

The Starcross Steamer, R8 of the SSW Winter Series, has been postponed for a day due to the weather forecasts. Organisers of the event have issued this message to competitors:\

"I expect like me you have been keeping a close eye on the weather forecast for the weekend. Saturday is looking to be unsailable even on the Exe, so the Exe Sails Starcross Steamer will be postponed until the next day – the Sunday, when the first start will be at 13:30. I think this is only the second time in its 29 year history that the Steamer has had to be postponed. The weather models for Sunday at the moment are showing conflicting wind strength, some windy, some ideal, so I will look at the forecasts again tomorrow morning when they are more accurate for Sunday and advise you if we have to cancel the Steamer. If we do sail on Sunday, I will send another rota, but basically the first start will be at 13:30, one hour after the planned start for Saturday, so everything will happen one hour later than originally planned. The only exception will be manning the car parking which will start at 8:00 as before. I could do with a little more help on Sunday, so please let me know if you could help if you haven’t done so already. Fingers crossed for Sunday."

We will post any updates we recieve from Starcross YC on our Facebook Page -

Starcross Steamer

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