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Sailing Southwest


   SERIES 18-19 

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Parsons Trophy

About The SSW 

 Winter Series 2018/9

Sailing Southwest

The SSW Winter Series is back again for 2018/9.  This year's series features 10 pursuit type races all based at clubs in the South West region of the UK.  The events take place between October and April, giving sailors access to sailing during the winter season.  For more information, including series rules and qualification criteria, please see our Series NOR.

The races are all long-distance handicapped pursuit races that test a sailor's mental steel, physical toughness and of course sailing skill in the challenging and varied conditions that make up a South West winter!  Junior and disability sailors are welcome to take part in the series, and multihulls and Gaffers are also permitted to participate at some events - check event NORs.

Within the main series, we also run the SSW Lakes 'mini series' which consists of the 3 inland races - Sutton Bingham Icicle, Roadford Rocket and Exmoor Beastie.

SSW are pleased to welcome back Gul Watersports as series prize sponsors, and are very pleased to welcome Allen Sailing and GJW Direct Insurance as Series headline sponsors. 

In addition we welcome Admiral Trailers as a prize draw sponsor who are donating 3 Aluminium launching trollies in separate draws through out the series.  Each entry into an event will count as an entry into the prize draws, so the more events you enter, the better your chance of winning!

Again SSW will offer TracAce™ GPS trackers for the series at discounted rates to clubs running events.  There are new exciting developments due soon on TracAce™ so keep an eye open for these throughout the series.

All reports and event details will be shown on these pages so make sure you return for more information, or join our newsletter and watch out our facebook posts.


See you all on the water again soon.

The Sailing Southwest team




  Event Dates

Sailing Southwest

The Admiral Trailers Prize Draws

Enter the series for a chance to win a free aluminium trolley worth £450!!

Admiral Trailers are kindly donating three aluminium trolleys to be won in prize draws throughout the SSW Winter Series 2018-19. 


Each time you enter your boat into an event in this season's series, you will automatically be entered into a prize draw to win an Admiral Trailers trolley worth up to £450! (See terms and conditions below)

Prize Draw 1 - Gul Wrecker Pursuit, Penzance Pirate, & Christmas Cracker

Draw will be made on the 4th December after the Christmas Cracker at Paignton SC.

Prize Draw 2 - Porthpean Pursuit, Sutton Bingham Icicle, & Roadford Rocket 

Draw will be made on 10th February after the Roadford Rocket

Prize Draw 3 - Channel Chop, Starcross Steamer, Exmoor Beastie & Torbay Tornado

Draw will be made on 30th March after the Torbay Tornado

If any events are cancelled or postponed for any reason, SSW reserve the right to change the events designated to each draw.  Every effort will be made to keep the draws fair for all entrees.

Terms and Conditions

  • Only the 10 events within the SSW Winter Series 2018-19 will be included within this prize draw offer.

  • When you enter an event, you will be entered into the corresponding prize draw - draw 1, draw 2 or draw 3 (see list above for draw allocations).

  • Each time you enter (and sail) in an event within the SSW Winter Series 2018-19, you will receive an entry into a prize draw, so you will receive up to 10 entrees into the draws if you enter all 10 events.

  • No one can win more than one trolley.

  • Event competitors will only receive an entry into a prize draw if they enter and sail in an event.

  • Helms and crews will receive one combined entry into a prize draw.

  • Winners will receive a voucher for an aluminium trolley that will be made for the class of boat they sail in the series up to a value of £450.


Please contact us if you have any questions or visit Admiral Trailers website for more information about their fantastic trollies and trailers.



2018-19 SSW Series 

  Event Information

Sailing Southwest

During an event, head to our Facebook page for live updates from the racing and we will also post photos and reports on this page in the days following. 

As the events of the SSW Winter Series 2018-19 draw near, the host clubs will each release more information, including NORs, SI and advance entry information. 

Please note that some events have a limited number of entries.  Most events will also take entries on the day (if spaces are available).

Many of the events will also feature GPS tracking via TracAce so you will be able to follow the action and watch the replays.  Links will be posted here and on Facebook, or go to to find a race. 


1. Gul Wrecker Pursuit

North Devon YC, Instow

6th October 2018

We kick off the series on the notoriously breezy North Devon coast.  This 120min pursuit race on the beautiful Taw/Torridge estuary  will certainly provide a good challenge for everyone!


Gaffers and Multihulls are welcome to enter the Wrecker.

Entries are now open, The links for the NOR and SI are also available.

Check back in the week following this event for results, photos and the race report.

Wrecker 2017-9_edited.jpg

Start Time: 1500

Entry Fee: DH £15, SH - £10, SH, J - £5

3. Christmas Cracker

Paignton SC, Paignton

2nd December 2018

Back for 2018 is this fantastically festive event.  This is a 150min pursuit race which takes place in Paignton Harbour.  Last year the Cracker produced a fantastic race and we're sure this year will be no different.

Open to monohull dinghies PY 1432 or less.


Online entries for this event will open soon. Link to the NOR is live!

Christmas Cracker-28.jpg

Entry Fee: £15

Start Time: 1200

5. Sutton Bingham Icicle

Sutton Bingham SC, Yeovil

26th January 2019

The Icicle was new for 2018, and will return once more in 2019.  This might appear to be a quiet little lake in the depths of Somerset, but don't be fooled... Sutton Bingham will put on a tough race, with a crack bunch of locals waiting to test your inland skills to the max!  

Entries for this event are open.  Links to the NOR and SI will also be made available soon.

The Icicle is event 5 in the SSW Winter Lakes mini-series.

SB Icicle-73.jpg

Entry Fee: £15 (£10 U18's)

Start Time: 12 noon

7. Channel Chop

Portishead Yacht & Sailing Club, Bristol

2nd March 2019

We're back for another bumpy battle with the Bristol tides in Round 7, with the aptly named Channel Chop!

This is a race to melt the heart of sea sailors, and with a talented local fleet, it is a challenge waiting to be conquered by any visitor brave enough...

Entries for this event are not yet open.  Links to the NOR and SI will also be made available soon.

CC 18-25.jpg

Entry Fee:

Start Time:

9. Exmoor Beastie

Wimbleball SC, Brompton Regis

24th March 2019

This Beastie will really test your nerve!  Out in the sticks, on the wilds of Exmoor, Wimbleball Lake is as remote as it is beautiful.

This pursuit race has been run for several years now, but was lost under snow in 2018.  Fingers crossed we'll be back to tame the beast once more in 2019!


Entries for this event are not yet open.  Links to the NOR and SI will also be made available soon.

The Beastie is event 3 in the SSW Winter Lakes mini-series.


Entry Fee:

Start Time:

2. Penzance Pirate

Penzance Sailing Club, Penzance

4th November 2018

The Pirate is back! We head west for our 2nd event, to the Cornish seaside town of Penzance.  The 150min pursuit race takes place in the world renowned waters of Mount's Bay.


Open to monohulls and dinghy classes.

Entries open on 14th October.  Links to the NOR and SI are also available.


Start Time: 1030

Entry Fee: £15

4. Porthpean Pursuit

Porthpean SC, St. Austell

15th December 2018

This is a new event on our calendar.  The 120min Porthpean Pursuit takes place in a simply beautiful location off the south Cornish coast, near St. Austell.  


Entries for this event are now open. Mono and multihulls are welcome (PY of 1432 or less). Links to the NOR is live, the SI will also be made available soon.

Hot pasties will be available :)


Entry Fee: 

Start Time: 12.00

6. Roadford Rocket

Roadford Lake Sailing Club, Lifton

10th February 2019

This stunning lake in the heart of Devon is one of the region's best kept secrets.  Roadford reservoir is a vast and breezy expanse of water, worthy of world championships.  


The Rocket attracts many visitors and has grown significantly since its inclusion in the SSW Winter Series.  


Entries for this event are not yet open.  Links to the NOR and SI will also be made available soon.

The Rocket is event 6 in the SSW Winter Lakes mini-series.


Entry Fee:

Start Time:

8. Starcross Steamer

Starcross YC, Exeter

16th March 2019

Regulars to pursuit racing in the SW will know all about the Steamer.  This long running and prestigious race has run for 28 consecutive years, challenging sailors in practically all conditions.

With a limit on 100 entries, the Steamer usually fills up fast, so make sure you enter as soon as possible - more info will appear here soon.

This race is only open to monohull dinghies.

Entries for this event are not yet open.  Links to the NOR and SI will also be made available soon.

Steamer 18-53.jpg

Entry Fee:

Start Time:

10. Torbay Tornado

Royal Torbay Yacht Club, Torbay

30th March 2019

The grande finale is not one to miss!  The Torbay Tornado certainly lived up to its billing in 2018, as strong gusts ripped and swirled across Torbay.  Needless to say, every competitor emerged from the water with grins a cheshire cat would be proud of!

Entries for this event are not yet open.  Links to the NOR and SI will also be made available soon.

Torbay Tornado-46.jpg

Entry Fee:

Start Time:

2018-19 Series    

  Standings and Statistics

Sailing Southwest

The Lakes


Sailing Southwest

For those who can't commit to the whole series, and of course those specialist inland sailors, we run a special SSW Lakes Series for the three inland events of the SSW Winter Series.

In 2018-19, these events will be:

  • Sutton Bingham Icicle - 26th January (Sutton Bingham SC)

  • Exe Sails Roadford Rocket - 10th Feburary (Roadford SC)

  • Exmoor Ales Exmoor Beastie - 24th March (Wimbleball SC)



Live GPS


Sailing Southwest

Several events in the SSW Winter Series 2018-19 will be tracked using TracAce.  Click on the links below to watch back the racing...

Sailing Southwest have launched their new affordable GPS boat tracking system - TracAce.  We have been employing this system throughout the 2017-18 SSW Winter Series, showcasing the technology that will be fully available to sailors and clubs in 2018-19.

GPS Tracking Provides:

  • Safer Sailing

  • More Spectator Involvement

  • Enhanced race Organisation

Contact us for more information about TRACACE




We are happy to announce Allen Sailing, GJW Direct Insurance, Gul Watersports, TracAce and Admiral Trailors have joined Sailing Southwest as sponsors of the

2018-19 SSW Winter Series.

We are looking forward to working with these companies to make this season's series a fantastic occasion.

We will be offering new sponsorship opportunities for the 2019-18 series.  Please contact us for more information.


We love to hear your thoughts and comments.  Please also contact us if you are interested in sponsorship opportunities, or hosting a future event in the Southwest Winter Pursuit Series.


Tel: 05603 662521


You can view reports, results, photos and GPS tracks from this winter season's races below.  Don't forget to sign up to our newsletter to keep in touch with the latest updates and information about the SSW Winter Series.  

2017-18 Top 10

Sailing Southwest

Breakdown of each race...

The 17-18 Lakes


Sailing Southwest

For those who can't commit to the whole series, and of course those specialist inland sailors, we run a special SSW Lakes Series for the three inland events of the SSW Winter Series.

In 2017-18, these events were:

  • Exe Sails Roadford Rocket - 28th January (Roadford SC)

  • Sutton Bingham Icicle - 10th March (Sutton Bingham SC)

  • Exmoor Ales Exmoor Beastie - 18th March (Wimbleball SC)


In 2017-18, Stokes Bay Sailor, Steve Cockerill (RS Aero 7) is the first ever SSW Lakes Series Champion, with two wins in the first two events.  Castle Cove's Phantom Sailors Simon Hawkes and Nick Orman took 2nd and 3rd respectively, with Firefly sailor Angus Cook finishing 4th and D-Zero sailor Stacey Bray from Porthpean in 5th.