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TracAce™ is our new GPS boat tracking software designed to make sailing

safer, smarter and more enjoyable for all.

TracAce™ is available to hire as a complete system for evens and racing, or you can purchase individual or group software licences for you and your family to enjoy!

TracAce Events

Monitor races, set up courses, and get live lapping and leaderboards.  Spectator displays for events and technical support team on site if required.

TracAce Plus

Get a personal TracAce licence for as little as £4 per month!  This licence can improve your safety, security and sailing performance.

TracAce™ is available as a complete system for event hire or you can purchase individual or group software licences for you and your family to enjoy!
What's it all About?

Early on in our development of SSW as a business, we realised there need for affordable GPS tracking within grassroots sailing.  The technology exists within the sport of course, we've all watched the amazing graphics in the Olympics for example, but it is rare for a club event or even individual sailors to use such a system.


The benefits of GPS trackers on sailing boats are huge, and our tagline of Safer, Smarter and more Enjoyable Sailing hopefully summarises these benefits.  There is little doubt therefore about the want and need for this technology throughout the sport, but of course it all comes down to money - something we know the average sailing club and sailor don't want to be splashing around!

In a nutshell, we created TracAce™ so YOU can access this fantastic technology!

We have invested our efforts into developing our TracAce™ software from scratch, which frees us up from all the additional costs and fees many other GPS tracking suppliers are tied to by their suppliers.  Add to that our passion for sailing, and our drive to make our sport as safe, fun and accessible as possible, and we hope you'll agree we're onto a good thing!

What Can TracAce do for you?

  • Live Tracking and Full Replays

  • Complete Race / Cruise Administration

  • Customisable Display

  • Personalised Dashboard (TA+)

  • Safety Monitoring and Device Panic Button

  • Live Statistics and Positioning

  • Handicap Corrections

  • Results Checking and Reporting

  • Lapping Tool

  • Clubhouse / Bar Big Screen Displays

  • Network with other TracAce™ Sailors

TracAce™ is affordable with licences available for as little as £4 per month.

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